Our Story

Ads are everywhere - in articles, social media, blog posts, streaming services, etc. Our online and social media activities are monitored to target us with ads with or without our consent. Constantly enhanced algorithms are used to match the ads with the end user. When it comes down to it, the average person has very little to no agency in how they consume advertisements. With recents trends, the line between content and ads are blurred. On social media platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram, creators are investing in interesting and fun ads to connect with their audience. In response to this marketing effort, users have become more and more engaged in ad content, and are actually enjoying scrolling through these ads. That is why we launched Adlish, an app just for ads. Unlike other ad spaces, we don’t secretly track users to decide what ads they see. We let the user choose categories of interest and decide exactly how much personal information they want to share. We believe that by empowering users, we can create a more positive relationship between creators and consumers.

What is Adlish’s Mission?

Adlish is a newly-launched transparent ad platform that champions ads as primary content. Users can create and enjoy a personalized ad feed for an optimal window shopping experience. Our goal is to provide consumers with an entertaining ad feed as well as control over their ad consumption experience. On the creator side, we deliver highly qualified leads from users that are willingly showing buying interest and sharing information on their own terms. We envision a world where the data-sharing marketplace is a beneficial and transparent experience for everyone.