Cookie Policy

Cookies are small text files in your browser’s memory that are used as a unique identifier for your device.

Adlish uses cookies or other similar technologies to understand your preferences and create a feed that has relevant ads tailored to you. For example, when you like, share, view, comment on, or purchase from an ad on the app or the website we use a cookie to remember that action. We can then show you more ads that are similar or would be interesting to you. Cookies can also be used to remember your profile information so that when you are in an creators’ target audience we are able to show you that specific ad. We may also use cookies to track analytics on how many times you log in and interact with the app in various ways to better improve our product.

Third party cookies are cookies that are placed on your device by a party other than Adlish. Third party cookies may be used by our creators to track your activity and interactions with their products. This may be in the form of affiliate links that you click when you press the ‘Go To’ button on an Ad. By clicking this button you are allowing the creator to track your cookies to remember you as a customer.

You are at all times in charge of which cookies we and third parties can use. At any time you may go to Settings > Cookies and then choose to turn off either Adlish cookies or third party cookies. Keep in mind that this may affect the relevancy of the content you are shown through our services.