Privacy Policy

Your agency over your information is Adlish's number one priority. This privacy policy will outline how we use your data to provide you with the best service.

All the information that we collect is data that you choose to give us. The most basic information is what is in your user profile. This includes your location, age, gender, education, ethnicity, and income. We also keep track of the profile and email/username that you make to create an account. Creators are able to anonymously select you as part of an audience based on this profile information but at no point is your email shared with them or are they able to identify you personally.

In order to provide you with the best service, we track your movements throughout the app and use that information to match you with the merchants and products that are best tailored to you and your interests. This entails that whenever you interact with an ad by liking, sharing, commenting, viewing, or purchasing we use cookies (more details in the cookie policy), to remember that action to show you similar content.

When you purchase a product from an ad on our service, we do track that action to remember your preferences and to log the purchase as a lead that we provided to the seller. The seller can then use that information to track activity on their ads and remember you as a potential customer.